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I'm Brianna, the artist behind Iconic Ink.

Beginning this venture felt like a no brainer because of my life-long love for all things beauty; particularly my passion for brows.  

Like many, I began wearing makeup as a teenager, and quickly realized that my eyebrows never appeared to compliment my features. As time went on, I plucked and waxed constantly, hoping it would create a shape I loved.

I was sadly mistaken. 

Over time, the tail of my brow was no longer existent. Hair simply did not grow there anymore. I spent countless hours per week drawing on a brow tail, trying to give the illusion of full brows. 


After many years with brows that would smudge or “slide” on impact, I heard about permanent makeup. It was the solution I never knew existed. I began researching and I was fascinated. I found a brow artist and went for it. I felt terrified but I put my trust into my artist and the process.

When I saw my new brows for the first time I was in shock.I had brows! It was one of the most exciting feelings I have felt. My morning routine was cut in half and I could swim, exercise and wake up with brows.


Making the decision to get permanent makeup can feel intimidating, overwhelming, or even scary. I‘m here to answer all of your questions and make sure that my clients feel comfortable, confident, and cared for. I want to help spread the confidence and excitement that permanent makeup gave me, to others. I know that my passion for beauty, brows and transformation makes me the right brow artist for you.

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